[R] Aquamacs Preferences not showing, windows inaccessible, Scrolling not possible !!!

Christian Hoffmann c-w.hoffmann at sunrise.ch
Sat Jan 12 22:17:54 CET 2013

Hi, sorry for bothering, but I suspect the start of M-x R within 
Aquamacs is causing my problems:

*Scrolling* is *not possible*, neither by key stroke nor by mouse.
Aquamacs does not show all windows. 'Prefences', 'About A.', 'Check fo 
updates' will not open. Menu 'windows' shows several windows, but 
clicking on them will not open their buffers. Also, reinstallation of 
Aquamacs-2.4 (the newest version) did not help.

What can I do?


Christian W. Hoffmann,
CH - 8915 Hausen am Albis, Switzerland
Rigiblickstrasse 15 b, Tel.+41-44-7640853
c-w.hoffmann at sunrise.ch,
christian at echoffmann.ch,

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