[R] Tukey HSD plot with lines indicating (non-)significance

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at huftis.org
Mon Jan 14 21:53:43 CET 2013

må. den 14. 01. 2013 klokka 13.58 (-0500) skreiv Richard M. Heiberger:
> Please look at the MMC (Mean-mean Multiple Comparisons) plot in the HH
> package. It displays both the means and the differences. 
> install.packages("HH") ## if you don't already have it.
> library(HH)
> ?MMC 

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s a very interesting and clever way of
displaying both means and differences. It’s not what I was looking for,
though, as it doesn’t display the actual data.

For the record, here’s the syntax for using MMC on the dataset mentioned
in my original posting:

    l.mmc=mmc(l, linfct = mcp(trt = "Tukey"))

(It looks best on data where the group means aren’t very close;
otherwise the labels might overlap.)

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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