[R] error using the subset function in a for loop index

Irucka Embry iruckaE at mail2world.com
Mon Jan 14 23:16:52 CET 2013

Hi all, I have attached the function file (revisedfunction) and the list
of station IDs (StationIDs) in .pdf format documents.

I have written a function to perform various operations on the station
IDs in two groups. The first 6 station IDs require one less step than
the remaining 68 station IDs. The file referenced at the beginning of
the function is the file containing the StationIDs.

I created a for loop to allow indexing through each set of station IDs.
I have not been able to run the complete function because I can not
subset the for loop index within the subset function.

Is there a way to perform this operation: Sample <-
subset(Sample,station_id==[i]) within the indexed for loop using another
built-in function or through the subset function? The attached file
revisedfunction provides the full function code in which that line
creating another instance of the variable Sample is excerpted from.


Irucka Embry 

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