[R] paper - download - pubmed

Nooshin Omranian n_omranian at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 15:12:32 CET 2013


I actually need to download pdfs through R code.

The thing which I want to do is that, search for a paper in pubmed, 
which is possible by using GetPubMed function in the package "NCBI2R’".

GetPubMed(searchterm, file = "", download = TRUE , showurl = FALSE, 
xldiv = ";", hyper = "HYPERLINK",
MaxRet = 30000, sme = FALSE, smt = FALSE, quiet = TRUE, 

With this function I can not download the pdfs for all hits, although if 
I go to the pubmed, I can download it.

So, the problem is not that, for each paper I have to download the pdfs 
(which are available if I go to the pubmed and search directly there) 
and the corresponding supplementary files.

Could anybody please help me how I can solve this?


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