[R] reading multiple key=value pairs per line

Frank Singleton b17flyboy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 05:21:26 CET 2013


Thanks for a great environmentfor statistical  computing :-)

I have some input data in a file ("input_kvpairs.csv") of the form

key1=23, key2=67, key3="hello there"
key1=7, key2=22, key3="how are you"
key1=2, key2=77, key3="nice day, thanks"

Now in my head I wish it was of the form ("input.csv")

#key1, key2, key3
23,    67,   "hello there"
7,     22,   "how are you"
2,     77,   "nice day, thanks"

so I could do

data <- read.csv("input.csv", header=TRUE)

where the header column names are derived from the key names dynamically,
and I could access the data using normal data$key1 or data$key2 mechanism.

I guess I could just pre process the file first  using python etc to create
a CSV file with column header derived from key names, and values derived 
key values, but I am interested to see how experienced R folks would 
handle this
inside R.



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