[R] import data (txt) separated by many blank spaces and lines with variable names that correspond to multiple observations.

mary mary.dama at libero.it
Sat Jan 19 11:43:06 CET 2013

 I have read other posts and in part I tried to solve my problem.
I have a txt file but the values ​​as well as being separated by many blank
spaces and lines

eg.                        var_a var_b       var_c
                1           2 4        
                        5                                             2         
6    2

have an encoding problem in the header, let me explain: some of the
variables grouping multiple observations throughout the text

eg    var_a = 1        var_b = 2,4,5             var_c=2       etc.

now I have tried to achieve by removing the header and "doubling" the name
of the variable where needed but the problem still remains to convert the
data that come out like this:

istr<-scan(file.choose(), what = "numeric", sep="\n",quote="\"'",
 n = -1, dec = ".",flush = FALSE, fill = FALSE, strip.white = TRUE,
quiet = FALSE, blank.lines.skip = TRUE, multi.line = TRUE)

[25877] "1\t\t \t \t \t1\t \t1\t1\t1\t \t2\t4\t
[25878]  "t5\t\t\t\t2\t6\t\t\t\t2"   

write.table(istr, qmethod = "double")
"25877" "1      2                              4              "
"25878"  " 5      2                     6              2 "

but remains the problem: 
- all numbers are in a unique quote "" (i would like a separeted cells)  
- in txt format variables are not exhausted all in the first line, but for
example from the first to the fifth
however, when R imports, each line seems to be an observation in my case an
individual (n)

how to solve it?

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