[R] functions as arguments to ther functions with inlinedocs

Jannis bt_jannis at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 24 19:32:21 CET 2013

Dear R community,

I have a problem when I use functions as default values for argumnents 
in other functions. When I use curly brackets { here, I can not create a 
package with inlinedocs. It will give me the error when using 
package.skeleton() in my package structure:

Error in parse(text = utxt) : <text>:4:0: unexpected end of input

For example:

dummyfunction = function(filters = function(x) {b = 0; x > b} ))
   # rest of code here

This seems to me as a legal function declaration but creates the above 
mentioned error. Is this an error of inlinedocs or do I misunderstand 
the R language? Or is there another way of using functions in such a way 
as arguments? In this case I could easily define this filters argument 
inside the function for cases when it is not supplied as an argument but 
I have some more complex functions where I really need to define 
something sequential as an argument like:

dummyfunction = function(filters = {a = 1; b > a; b}) {print('test')}

I hope I could clarify my problem.

Thanks a lot

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