[R] How to drop unused factors in faceted R ggplot boxplot?

Gorczynski, George George_Gorczynski at golder.com
Thu Jan 24 23:15:16 CET 2013

Hi and thanks. This unfortunately doesn't work because:
"ggplot2 does not currently support free scales with a non-cartesian coord or coord_flip."

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You can get the plot in the same window, but the width seems to be a problem.
stest<- read.table(text="
    site year conc
    south 2001 5.3
    south 2001 4.67
    south 2001 4.98
    south 2002 5.76
    south 2002 5.93
    north 2001 4.64
    north 2001 6.32
    north 2003 11.5
    north 2003 6.3
    north 2004 9.6
    north 2004 56.11
    north 2004 63.55
    north 2004 61.35
    north 2005 67.11
    north 2006 39.17
    north 2006 43.51
    north 2006 76.21
    north 2006 158.89
    north 2006 122.27
 stest1<- within(stest1,{year<- factor(year)}) ggplot(stest1, aes(x=year, y=conc)) + geom_boxplot(horizontal=TRUE)+
     facet_wrap(~ site, ncol = 1, scales="free_x") + coord_flip()+scale_y_log10()+
  theme_bw() + opts(strip.text.x = theme_text()) A.K.

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Thank you, Jeff. I think I should have been more clear.  I don't want to
modify my data. I need to create a series of box plots for different sites
(north and south in my example but there are many more) but I don't want
empty rows in my plot - for years when data was not collected. I tried to
make separate plots and join them with grid.arrange and it plots the layout
I want but I can't get the boxes in all plots have uniform look (width), see
the screenshot:

And thank you for pointing out the shortcomings of my posted data sample.
I'll be better prepared next time.

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