[R] Pass vector as multiple parameters (as in python f(*x))

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Sat Jan 26 01:13:03 CET 2013

Your whole premise that the arguments of a function should be mappable to elements of a vector seems contrary to good R programming practice. Consider changing the called function's handling of arguments instead to accept the vector of data directly if a vector makes sense, or to a list if the arguments have a variety of types.
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Carlos Pita <carlosjosepita at gmail.com> wrote:

>I want to know if it's possible to pass a vector v=c(x,y,...) to a
>function f(x,y,...) so that each vector element corresponds to a
>formal argument of the function. For python programmers: f(*v).
>Specifically, what I'm trying to achieve is: given a list of
>coordinates l=list(c(x1,y1,z1), c(x2,y2,z2),...) I would like to
>obtain the corresponding elements in some array A (3-dim in this
>case). That is: A[x1,y1,z1], A[x2,y2,z2],....
>One way would be to transform l=list(c(x1,y1,z1), c(x2,y2,z2),...) to
>l2=list(c(x1,x2,...),c(y1,y2,...),c(z1,z2,...)) and then (if this is
>possible at all) execute the equivalent to A[*l2].
>Another way would be to lapply function(xyz) { A[*xyz] } to each
>coordinate vector in l. In any case I need the f(*v) equivalent.
>Please take into account that, despite the 3-dim example, I need to
>implement the above to accept n-dim vectors for arbitrary n, so
>something like x<-xyz[1], y<-xyz[2], z<-xyz[3] wouldn't fit the bill.
>Any other suggested solution would be appreciated.
>Best regards
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