[R] Automated Start for new Rgui within existing R code?

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Thu Jan 31 22:37:05 CET 2013


Only one gui, multiple cores working at once.
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Brigid Mooney <bkmooney at gmail.com> wrote:

>Is there a way to start multiple instances of R in an automated manner?
>Since I'm not sure that question makes tons of sense, here's my
>I have a number of data updates that need to be completed on an ongoing
>basis with the data pulled from and then stored to another location. 
>updates are manually triggered, so can build up in terms of the volume
>needs to be updated.
>The updates can take a lot of time if I run everything from within a
>Rgui, but it isn't a big deal if there aren't a lot of accumulated
>that need to be run.
>But say if I have a week or a month's worth of accumulated updates to
>this takes a LOT of time in a single Rgui.  If I split it up, I can run
>on 6 Rgui's (I'm in windows 7 with an 8 Core machine) and increase my
>overall efficiency.  But this requires manual intervention as there are
>steps before (that figure out how big the updates that must be run are)
>then steps after that summarize and give me some metadata.
>What I would love is something that will execute within an existing
>and allows me to send a command (such as source( "myfile.R" ) to a new
>Rgui.  Does such a command even exist or is this just wishful thinking?
>I'm trying to avoid writing a wrapfile in another language which would
>able to source the .R file as most of this (before and after the ideal
>split point) is written in R already.
>(FWIW Windows 7, 8 core machine running 64bit R)
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