[R] Transferring commas in character vector to expression

Duncan Mackay mackay at northnet.com.au
Sun Jul 7 00:33:46 CEST 2013

Hi Eric

I have not been following the thread but following on what David has 
said on previous occasions

try for example

plot(1,1, ylab =  expression("aa aaa,aa bb"*Delta*"b cccc"*Delta*"cc, c") )

Below is from a partly saved previous post of David's several months 
ago which may give you some ideas

"A mg kg",
"B mg kg",
"C mg kg",
"D mg kg",
"E mg kg",
"F mg kg",
"G mg kg",
"H mg kg")

pos <- barplot(1:length(DATA_names))
text(x=pos,y=-1, xpd=TRUE, srt=45,
                    labels= sapply( gsub("mg kg", "(mg kg)^-1", DATA_names),



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At 07:47 6/07/2013, you wrote:
>I'm trying to format a given character vector as an expression with Greek
>symbols to be used in labeling axis ticks. Thanks to some help from David
>Winsemius, I've learned how to make the substitution and place the Greek
>symbols in, however I've run into another problem: Some of my labels have
>commas in them, so when the parse command is executed, there is an
>unexpected symbol error. For example:
> > x <- c("aa", "aaa,aa", "bb*Delta*b", "cccc*Delta*cc,c")
> > parse(text = x)
>Error in parse(text = x) : <text>:2:4: unexpected ','
>1: aa
>2: aaa,
>      ^
>I've tried various iterations of wrapping the commas in interior quotes
>("aaa\",\"aa"), but then the error shifts to the quote. I see in plotmath
>that 'list(a,b,c)' gives me comma separated values, but I haven't been able
>to work out how to get this construction for elements that have a comma.
>Is this possible?
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