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May be this helps:

 gsub("_"," ",gsub("(.*)_.*","\\1",DATA_names))
#[1] "A ugkg"  "S mgkg"  "Cl mgkg"
sapply(gsub("_"," ",gsub("(.*)_.*","\\1",DATA_names)),f)
$`A ugkg`
A ~ (mu * g ~ kg^{

$`S mgkg`
S ~ (mg ~ kg^{

$`Cl mgkg`
Cl ~ (mg ~ kg^{


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I have the following data as labels:

DATA_names<-c("A_ugkg_FA","S_mgkg_XRF" ,"Cl_mgkg_XR")

and I need to convert to

A (ug kg     )

S (mg kg    )

Cl (mg kg    )

I used the following piece of code to convert the following labels in the
past, but cant get it to work for the new labels:

f <- function (name)
  # add other suffices and their corresponding plotmath expressions to the
  env <- list2env(list(mgkg = bquote(mg ~ kg^{-1}),
                       ugkg = bquote(mu * g ~ kg^{-1})),
                  parent = emptyenv())
  pattern <- paste0("(", paste(objects(env), collapse="|"), ")")
  bquoteExpr <- parse(text=gsub(pattern,
  # I use do.call() to work around the fact that bquote's first argument is
not evaluated.
  do.call(bquote, list(bquoteExpr, env))

The labels in the past were:
DATA_names<-c("A_ugkg","S_mgkg" ,"Cl_mgkg")



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