[R] Need help to read the data file like this

Houhou Li lidarfly at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 14 18:48:22 CEST 2013


I have several really big data files in csv format like this: the first line is the header, the second to fourth lines have info about the file and are the lines I need to skip (data in 2-4th lines are not correspoding to variable names in the hearder), from the fifth line, real data begins, but the last line is not a data line, it's the string "Done" instead of normal EOF character. All data is numeric. I tried to use read.table(), read.csv() with colClasses="numeric" and scan(), but couldn't make them work. Can anyone help me? How can I get rid of the last line "Done" automatically? I would like to use R script to do it automatically, not to do formatting in Excel then read back to R. Thank you very much, here is an example of the data:

   509627.82,  4869704.98,   509999.83,  4869999.98



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