[R] 'save' method for S4 class

Christofer Bogaso bogaso.christofer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 12:09:25 CEST 2013

Hello again,

I am trying to define the 'save' method for my S4 class as below:

setClass("MyClass", representation(
		Slot1 = "data.frame"
setMethod("save", "MyClass", definition = function(x, file_Path) {
		write.table(x at Slot1, file = file_Path, append = FALSE, quote = TRUE,
sep = ",",
						eol = "\n", na = "NA", dec = ".", row.names = FALSE,
						col.names = TRUE, qmethod = c("escape", "double"),
						fileEncoding = "")

However while doing this I am getting following error:

Error in conformMethod(signature, mnames, fnames, f, fdef, definition) :
  in method for ‘save’ with signature ‘list="MyClass"’: formal
arguments (list = "MyClass", file = "MyClass", ascii = "MyClass",
version = "MyClass", envir = "MyClass", compress = "MyClass",
compression_level = "MyClass", eval.promises = "MyClass", precheck =
"MyClass") omitted in the method definition cannot be in the signature

Can somebody point me what will be the correct approach to define
'save' method for S4 class?

Thanks and regards,

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