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You could try:
Chisq1<-do.call(cbind,lapply(c(0.05,0.001),function(i) {x1<-sapply(seq_len(nrow(Specc)),function(i) chisq.test(as.table(unlist(Specc[i,-c(1:3)])))$p.value); sum(x1<i)}))
 Wilcox1<-do.call(cbind,lapply(c(0.05,0.001),function(i){x1<-sapply(seq_len(nrow(Specc)),function(i) wilcox.test(unlist(Specc[i,-c(1:3)]))$p.value);sum(x1<i)}))

 colnames(res)<- c("number of rows iwth p-value<0.05", "number of rows with p-value<0.001")
#            number of rows iwth p-value<0.05 number of rows with p-value<0.001
#wilcox.test                               14                                 0
#chisq.test                                 0                                 0

#The warnings() were there for all the rows.
#If you want, you could have a new column with "name of test", instead of rownames.


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Thank you. 
But I need to construct a dataframe like I sent you. You can help me in this? I will look for your code in a few moments
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