[R] Calculate interaction for a big dataframe

Arnaud Michel michel.arnaud at cirad.fr
Mon Jul 22 10:56:47 CEST 2013


To calculate the value of the interaction between factors of a dataframe 
df, does exist any function which could replace the function when the 
dataframe df has the numbers of rows of df is large (~55000) and also 
the numbers of combinaison of the three factors is large. The calcul abort.
The function to calculate the interaction is :
as.numeric(interaction(df [,c(1:3)],drop=TRUE))

To complete the question and to calculate interaction beetween 3 factors 
f1, f2, f3, does it possible to calculate first f12 = interaction 
(f1,f2) and after calculate interaction (f12, f3).
It seems to me that yes.

Thanks for your help

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