[R] Selecting names with regard to visit frequency

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Hi Michael,

It is not clear how you read the dataset.  It looks like a dataframe.
df1<- read.table(text='
 names(vec1)<- row.names(df1)
 names(vec1)[vec1%in% 3:5]
#[1] "A2" "A3" "A8" "A9"
#[1] "A2" "A3" "A8" "A9"
names(vec1)[vec1>=3 & vec1<=5]
#[1] "A2" "A3" "A8" "A9"

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Hi A.K.,
Sorry for the confusion. The first option worked. I can't give out the actual data. But I can give something similar to its structure. Output from write.csv(myvector,file="copy") is attached. 

A1, A2... represent unique identification codes for individuals. Basically, we are interested in finding individuals who have visited within a certain range. It was easy enough to find those that visited the most and the least, but not somewhere in the middle. Your first option worked and I had tried something similar (I don't remember exactly what) but I must have missed something simple.


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>HI Steele,
>Could you provide a reproducible example for Options 2 and 3 that returns character(0)? Better would be use ?dput().  Not sure I understand you correctly.  Did you meant that none of the options worked or except option 1?  Also, comment regarding the practicality is also not clear.
><quote author='m.steele'>
>Thanks A.K., I actually tried something similar to option 1, but I missed
>something simple it seems. Options 2 and 3 do not work; they return:
>It may make a difference that myvector already exists, it displays in the
>form I provided. Recreating that vector in your solution may not be
>practical in this way as there are pushing towards 1000 names with
>corresponding visits.
>Thanks again this has been very helpful and I look forward to learning more.
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