[R] Y label doesn't show up on printing files

David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Wed Jul 24 19:48:19 CEST 2013

On Jul 24, 2013, at 4:14 AM, Mohit Dhingra wrote:

> Hi David,
> Thanks for your reply! How do I exactly find it out and solve? Also,
> the problem is not reproducible every time :-/

One way would be to follow the directions in the link from ?pdf to ?embedFonts and force fonts to be included (via a call to Ghostscript.)  

Another strategy might be to look at the pdf code in the file ( or just call `names(pdfFonts()`)  )
and compare to the fonts used by your viewer.

I get quite a bit of information with this R command;


My screen device is set to display the same fonts although they are listed in a slightly different format: 


We Mac users have recurring problems with difficult-to-track-down issues of font corruption which creates similar problems, but it seems to afflict the screen device as well as pdf files. Generally one sees an extra copy using the font management application. Removing the corrupted copy is generally sufficient since it appears to the user that the OS has been smart enough to have already installed a fresh copy of the damaged font.

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> On 22 July 2013 23:55, David Winsemius <dwinsemius at comcast.net> wrote:
>> On Jul 22, 2013, at 3:17 AM, Mohit Dhingra wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm using R version 2.15.1 (2012-06-22) -- "Roasted Marshmallows" .
>>> System info: Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-36-generic #57~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Thu
>>> Jun 20 18:21:09 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux.
>>> When I plot something, y label does show up on the pop up image.
>>> plot (x, rtimel[,2] , xlab="Memory Allocated (in MB)", ylab="Response
>>> Time (in ms)", type="l", col="black", ylim=c(0,m) )
>>> But when I try to save it using
>>> dev.copy(pdf,'response_time_with_memory_direct.pdf')
>>> dev.off()
>>> Y-label doesn't get printed on the pdf file. Can someone please help?
>> Perhaps a difficulty with the fonts in your R installation being different than the fonts in your pdf viewer?
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>> David Winsemius
>> Alameda, CA, USA

David Winsemius
Alameda, CA, USA

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