[R] List Structure and Acces to data

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Wed Jul 24 21:26:01 CEST 2013

What you are doing looks like it is probably more complicated than
necessary, but since I have no idea what structure you intend to create,
it is hard to say.

Here is a suggestion:

try this:


It will give you a summary of the structure of that object, which should
help you understand how to access its elements.

The expression
makes sense if my_enchant_hist is a list, and if its first element is also
a list. Then you're asking for the second element within the first element.

There is nothing in R syntax that I know of that gives meaning to any of
so I don't know what you were trying to get.

I do suggest studying documentation for syntax related to using '['. Type


Don MacQueen

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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On 7/23/13 4:22 AM, "Eric TRAVAGLINI" <Eric.TRAVAGLINI at crealp.vs.ch> wrote:

>I used some other langages as Matlab and i just began with R, and i need
>help with data structure.
>Here is my code
>fct_echant_hist <- function ( my_echant, my_vitesse, my_hist, my_summary)
>	  list (my_echant = my_echant,
>		my_vitesse = my_vitesse,
>		my_hist = my_hist,
>		my_summary = my_summary)}
>my_echant_hist <- replicate(dim(pas)[1], fct_echant_hist(0L,
>			   0L,
>			   matrix(nrow=length(my_breaks),ncol=1),
>			   matrix(nrow=6,ncol=1)),
>	   simplify=FALSE)
>Is it possible to acces to all data of my_vitesse ?
>to acces to the my_vitesse of the first record i write
>I try something like that without succes :
>my_echant_hist[[]][[2]] or
>my_echant_hist[[:]][[2]] or
>Thanks a lot
>Eric ./.
>P:S Sorry for my English

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