[R] hist function in a for loop

Dzu dizem.uerek at alumni.fh-aachen.de
Wed Jun 19 00:00:26 CEST 2013


I want to do the following :

#I have created a huge csv.files with 44 colums
#I want to select the specific colums from these files
#CL1 consist data from which I want to compute the histogramms, CL2 is the
cloumn which has numbers that identifies  know from which line my second
histogram data should start.
THE CSV FILE  loos like this:

CL1   CL2  CL3   CL4     ..........    CLn
0.3    1        6.7      4.3          ...        ....
...       ..       ...           ....          ....        ....  
0.8    2      ..         .....

My target is to select only CL1 and CL2 compute histogram using CL1 data for
each CL2-block as an example [1:2] until CL2 [1:60]

I could print the histogramms but I can do only one by one. I want to
compute all of them with the same binsize!!

Therefore I wrote this code:

#combine diffrent csv files into one

files <- list.files (path = "./Inputfiles",".csv")
numfiles <- length(files)
singlefile <- list()

#for loop
        offset <- 1
        mytotaldata <- list()   #mytotaldata includes merged csv.file
        for (i in 1:numfiles)
	mytotaldata[[files[i]]] <- read.csv(files[i], header = TRUE, sep = ","
,quote = "\"")

#CL5 adding and giving an identification
        mytotaldata[[files[i]]]["CL5"] <-  i

#CL2 adding and create identification for the number of lines 

	mytotaldata[[files[i]]]["CL2"] <-
	offset <- as.numeric(tail(mytotaldata[[files[i]]],1)["CL2"]) + 1

#Create a singlefile for the whole data
      	singlefile <- rbind(singlefile,mytotaldata[[files[i]]])

#Now I have combined csv file added 2 columns CL2, CL5
# Compute the histograms
    #library (lattice)
    numfiles <- length(singlefile)  ###Is this necessary???????
    for (i in 1:i)
    #all the histograms with the same csv file
    binsize <- -20 :20/2
    hist(singlefile$CL1(singlefile$CL2[,1], freq = FALSE,xlab ="Graph i",
col = "pink",main ="Example Histogram", ylim = c(-3.0,3.0)))
    singlefile$GVCmin <- min(singlefile$CL1[1])
    singlefile$GVCmin <- min(singlefile$CL1[1])
    x1 <- seq(-3.0,3.0,by=.01)
    lines(x1,dnorm(x1),col ="black")

My struggle point is the for-loop with the histograms computation in the
loop and using the binsize I have specified.

Maybe now the question is clear!
In case somebody has faced a similar problem ,please let me know about
tircks, ideas !!
I am trying many diffrent thing to let this for loop work but I did not find
a solution, therefore I decided to ask in the forum

Thanks in advance

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