[R] LSD comparison

bawonpon chonipat bawonpon at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 27 12:17:27 CEST 2013

Dear Sir
I'm a student in the university and just start to use R for agricultural research analysis.
I know my question is an old question, but I don't find any clear explanation about  my problem via internet.
I'm sorry if my email is disturbing all of you.
I install R with version 3.0.1 and no problem with anova analysis, my problem is I can't perfprm LSD comparison, it is appearing "Error: could not find function "LSD.test"
I think I'm already installed "agricolae package" on my system. I attach some picture as shown on my screen.
if possible please guide me  how to solve the problem. (how to check if agricolae package is completely installed?)
Thanks you very much for reading

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