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This is a PRIMER question, not an R question. Please take it up with the 
PRIMER support people. R-helpers cannot be expected to know how other, 
closed-source, software works.



On 06/05/13 12:34, Gilson Carvalho wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anyone knows why the results of a BIOENV (PRIMER v. 6.1.15) are
> diferent of the bioenv() + mantel() in vegan? Not the spearman correlation,
> indeed the pseudo-p value.
> I know that the approach bioenv() + mantel() is biased. So, how the BIOENV
> (PRIMER) ends with larger p values (permutated).
> Acctualy how the permutation test in BIOENV (PRIMER) is conducted. The user
> guide does not make it clear.
> Best Wishes,

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