[R] Rcmdr Bug?

Knut Krueger rh at knut-krueger.de
Fri May 17 15:30:09 CEST 2013

Am 17.05.2013 13:36, schrieb John Fox:
> Dear Knut,
> This is really more a limitation than a bug. Like most of the dialogs in the Rcmdr, the dialog to read Excel files uses existing facilities in R and R packages. I'll see whether it's possible to add an option to read a data set without variable names. The obvious workaround is to add a row of variable names to the spreadsheet.
dear John,
indeed I would never use an excel sheet without variable names ... but 
students do and then the statistics are wrong ....
As I mentioned in the other answer it would be fine to add a hint that 
the first row is used as variable name ... for the students ;-)


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