[R] distances between entities

William Dunlap wdunlap at tibco.com
Sat May 18 22:37:42 CEST 2013

Have you looked into "multidimensional scaling"?  There are lots of variants,
many of which are in R packages.

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> Hello all, please forgive my lack of knowledge, but I am somewhat new to R and would
> be very grateful for some help. I have tried some searches, but am not even quite sure
> what to search for.  I will describe my problem:
> I have a number of nodes (or entities)  and pairwise (Euclidean) distances for SOME of the
> pairs of nodes, but I do not know where in the space my nodes lie. Is there a package of
> some kind that would allow me to generate a best-possible picture of the geometry of
> the nodes, i.e. a guess as to where most of them are in the space (relative to each other).
> I know it is impossible to get the full picture (since I have incomplete information), but a
> kind of minimum-error guess?
> Please let me know if you need more information, or if you suspect you have an answer
> to my query.
> Thank you very much,
> Rory
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