[R] Lattice, ggplot, and pointsize

Duncan Mackay mackay at northnet.com.au
Tue May 21 15:30:08 CEST 2013


See par.settings in xyplot

Things are also controlled by
to see values

xyplot(~Freq|Year, data = sheep2,
            groups   = farm,
            par.settings = list(strip.background = list(col = "transparent"),
                                axis.text = list(cex = 0.75),
                                par.xlab.text = list(cex = 0.80),
                                par.ylab.text = list(cex = 0.80)) , ...)



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At 21:18 21/05/2013, you wrote:
>When inserting R plots into a document using odfWeave, I fought for a
>while to get Lattice plots use the same text size as base plots. I
>eventually discovered that specifying a point size via e.g.
>svg(pointsize=10) has no effect on Lattice plots. One needs to adjust
>the size manually via:
>trellis.par.set(fontsize=list(text=10, points=8))
>This is also developed for both Lattice and ggplot2 by this blog post:
>So I am wondering whether is a by-design limitation or whether this
>could be improved. I find it very useful to be able to adapt text size
>to the output device instead of changing plotting parameters for each
>plotting system (especially when you change the resolution of PNG
>output, or move from one output device to another).
>Thanks in advance
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