[R] Antw: [R-sig-Geo] RCurl: using ls instead of NLST

Matteo Mattiuzzi matteo.mattiuzzi at boku.ac.at
Wed May 29 19:44:37 CEST 2013

Dear Jonathan,in the MODIS package I use the following function to list files within a http or a ftp folder. I'm not really practical in XML stuff but I got it working somehow.
The LP DAAC has changed from FTP to HTTP, I'm not sure if it is good idea to use the ftp protocol anymore. I also had a lot of problems with the ftplistonly=T option so I decided to use the saver version FALSE and split it by my own.


filesUrl <- function(url)

    if (substr(url,nchar(url),nchar(url))!="/")
       url <- paste0(url,"/") 
    iw   <- options()$warn 

    try(co <- getURLContent(url),silent=TRUE)
    if (!exists("co")) {return(FALSE)}
    if (substring(url,1,4)=="http")
            stop("You need to install the 'XML' package from 'Omegahat' repository")
        co     <- htmlTreeParse(co)
        co     <- co$children[[1]][[2]][[2]]
        co     <- sapply(co$children, function(el) xmlGetAttr(el, "href"))
        co     <- as.character(unlist(co))
        co     <- co[!co %in% c("?C=N;O=D", "?C=M;O=A", "?C=S;O=A", "?C=D;O=A")]
        fnames <- co[-1] 
     } else 
        co <- strsplit(co, if(.Platform$OS.type=="unix"){"\n"} else{"\r\n"})[[1]]
        co <- strsplit(co," ")
        elim    <- grep(co,pattern="total")
            co <- co[-elim]
        fnames <- basename(sapply(co,function(x){x[length(x)]}))
     fnames <- gsub(fnames,pattern="/",replacement="")


>>> Jonathan Greenberg  29.05.13 18.25 Uhr >>>

I'm trying to retrieve the contents of a directory from an ftp site
(ideally, the file/folder names as a character vector):
# (MODIS data)

Where I get the following error via RCurl:
url <- "ftp://e4ftl01.cr.usgs.gov/MOTA/MCD12C1.005/"
filenames = getURL(url,ftp.use.epsv=FALSE,ftplistonly=TRUE)
> Error in function (type, msg, asError = TRUE)  : RETR response: 550

Through some sleuthing, it turns out the ftp site does not support NLST
(which RCurl is using), but will use "ls" to list the directory contents --
is there any way to use "ls" remotely on this site?  Thanks!


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