[R] installing package 'rqpd' (Regression quantiles for panel data) on windows

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 15:31:16 CEST 2014

On 01/08/2014 7:48 AM, Roy Sasson wrote:
> hello R community,
> i am trying to install rqpd package on windows, using the following command:
> install.packages("rqpd",repos="http://R-Forge.R-project.org")
> however, i get the following message:
> Warning: unable to access index for repository
> http://R-Forge.R-project.org/bin/windows/contrib/2.15
> Warning message:
> package ‘rqpd’ is not available (for R version 2.15.1)
> i have tried using different versions of R (newer and older), but with no
> luck.
> I have also checked out the following thread -
> http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/installing-package-rqpd-Regression-quantiles-for-panel-data-td4668594.html
> but it is not so clear how this problem was resolved eventually.
> would appreciate any assistance

You don't say what platform you're working on. On Windows, there is no 
binary for rqpd, but you can get the source. This appears to be an 
R-forge bug, because it will build from source without error. You should 
report this to R-forge. In the meantime, use type="source" when you do 
the install. You shouldn't need any special tools to do this, since it's 
a pure R package, no compiled code.

Duncan Murdoch

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