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Kem Phillips kemphillips at comcast.net
Tue Aug 5 14:31:29 CEST 2014

R users,

Version 1 of the symmoments package computed LaTeX expressions for the
central moments of the multivariate normal distribution, and evaluated such
moments at specified variance-covariance matrices.

In version 1.2, symmoments has been augmented to calculate Latex expressions
of non-central multivariate moments, and to calculate the expected values of
such moments, as well as the expected values of multivariate polynomials. In
addition, it is shown in the vignette that first non-central multivariate
moments are in a one-to-one relationship to phylogenetic trees, and
functions making this correspondence and the correspondence with matchings
are provided.

The new functions are as follows:

The toLatex_noncentral function computes the Latex representations of a
non-central moment.

The evaluate_noncentral computes the value of a non-central moment.

The evaluate_expected.polynomial function evaluates the expected value of a
multivariate polynomial defined by a list, multipol object, or mpoly object.

The convert.multipol function converts between multipol objects and
multivariate polynomials defined by lists.

The convert.mpoly function converts between mpoly objects and multivariate
polynomials defined by lists.

The tounsorted function converts a sorted moment (e.g. m123) to an unsorted
moment (e.g. m312).

The make.all.moments function computes all moments up to a specified size
and places them in the symmoments environment.

The integrate.polynomial function integrates a multivariate polynomial
against the normal distribution using ordinary integration.

The functions toMoment, toNewick, and toMatching convert among moment
L-matrices, Newick trees, and ape matching objects.

Please forward any comments or corrections to me at

kemphillips at comcast.net <mailto:kemphillips at comcast.net> 



Kem Phillips


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