[R] NA error with the dredge function

Valentina Lauria valentina.lauria at plymouth.ac.uk
Fri Aug 15 17:15:28 CEST 2014

Dear members,

I am experiencing a strange error using the dredge function of the package MuMIn. I am not sure what is happening here as this script worked in the past and I have no idea about this new error, I do not have any NA in my data.

> full_m<- gam(nep~ s(depth, k=4) + s(sed, k=4) + s(slope, k=4) + s(vrm, k=4), family=gaussian, gamma=1.4, data = datafit_aran1)
> dredge(full_m)

Error in dredge(full_m) :
  'global.model''s 'na.action' argument is not set and options('na.action') is "na.omit"

Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much in advance,


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