[R] Calculating contrasts in Anova with interaction term

Lynn Govaert lynn.govaert at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 11:12:56 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I have the following variables: a trait z,  Treatment A and B, Population 1
and 2 (each having undergo the treatment), and their interaction. Now, I'm
doing an Anova as follows

aov( z ~ Treatment * Population )

I now want to compare the values of population 1 which underwent treatment
A with the values of population 2 which underwent treatment B using
contrasts. I found a very useful explanation for calculating contrasts on
the internet (
however, they did not explain it for an interaction term. Now I thought, if
I just make a new variable for my interaction term, which is a categorical
variable having 4 levels (level 1: pop 1 with treatment A, level 2: pop 1
with treatment B, level 3: pop 2 treatment A and level 4: pop 2 treatment

If I then construct my contrast vector as con <- c(1,0,0,-1)
Then do contrasts(data$trait) <- con
Then my model
model <- aov( z ~ Treatment + Population + InteractionTerm ) with the
InteractionTerm the new created variable
and then do what they did
summary(model, split = list(trait = list("comparison"=1)))
I get the following result

Treatment                    1 0.00246 0.00246   3.059   0.0816 .
Population                   1 0.05643 0.05643  70.241 4.75e-15 ***
IntTerm                        1 0.02869 0.02869  35.713 8.37e-09 ***
  IntTerm: comparison   1 0.02869 0.02869  35.713 8.37e-09 ***
Residuals                236 0.18959 0.00080

It is just so strange that the two last rows are exactly the same. So I
guess I'm doing something wrong.

As a second related question. I also found another method to calculate
contrasts. Using the Phia package in R. It works fine, but I don't find how
I can make a link between my two variables, so it takes pop 1 with
treatment A and pop 2 with treatment B to compare those two. I only find
how I can make combination within my treatment variable or within my
population variable. And that is not what I want. You can find the
information on

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong in the first example or if it makes
sence that they could be the same. Or an answer to my second question. I
would be very happy.

Thanks in advance!

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