[R] CCA no scores for some constraining variables

Paresys, Lise lise.paresys at wur.nl
Sat Feb 1 12:44:27 CET 2014

Dear all,

I am performing a CCA using vegan package, function cca.
Data loaded are fine (presence-absence data) but when using cca function it seems some constraining variables are not taken into account.
While asking for the summary of the CCA:
- they appear in "call:cca(formula = etc.)".
- but their scores are not shown in "Biplot scores for constraining variables"
- and they cannot be plotted.
If they are considered alone i.e. without other constraining variables in the CCA, their scores appear and they can be plotted.
How can it be? May someone help me to be sure they are taken into account in the CCA with all other constraining variables, and to get their scores? Or to understand why they are disregarded and others taken into account?


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