[R] Docs missing on Debian Wheezy

Jerry Sievers gsievers19 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 4 02:08:58 CET 2014

Greetings.  New to R.

Spent the last couple weeks inhaling what docs are installed on my box
such as the emacs "info" files. 

Wanting to go deeper now and find that I've got lots of these
00Index.html files but their many links all point to nonexistent files.

What package(s) am I missing?


root at jerry:/tmp# R --version
R version 2.15.1 (2012-06-22) -- "Roasted Marshmallows"
Copyright (C) 2012 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
ISBN 3-900051-07-0
Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (64-bit)

root at jerry:/tmp# cat /etc/debian_version

The 00Index pages render just fine...

Location: file:///usr/lib/R/library/compiler/html/00Index.html                                                                                                           
The R Compiler Package [R logo]

                                                                               [Up] [Top]                                                                               

Documentation for package compiler version 2.15.1


Help Pages

cmpfile                                    Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
cmpfun                                     Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
compile                                    Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
compilePKGS                                Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
disassemble                                Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
enableJIT                                  Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
getCompilerOption                          Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
loadcmp                                    Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           
setCompilerOptions                         Byte Code Compiler                                                                                                           

Links such as the first and indeed all of them in this index and lots of
the others I've looked at don't work. 


I've installed every package that I can readily identify as containing
documentation; such as r-doc-html, r-doc-info, r-base-html etc.

Jerry Sievers
Postgres DBA/Development Consulting
e: postgres.consulting at comcast.net
p: 312.241.7800

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