[R] Adjusting the x axis range in effects plots

Mark Hovenden Mark.Hovenden at utas.edu.au
Wed Feb 5 00:52:12 CET 2014

G'day All,
I am having some difficulties with effects plots from the effects package. I am doing partial regression analyses of normal linear models and obtain lovely effect plots with a linear effect line and 95%CL. No problem so far.
The problem is that I want to overlay the actual datapoints on the plot and, when I do so, I find that several of them are falling off the edge of the plot. In other words the x-axis range is too narrow to show all the data points. When I try to adjust the plot using xlim, then nothing happens. I can adjust the plots with ylim, color etc but the range of the x axis seems to be set somewhere in the package, and xlim disabled, and as far as I can see that is a problem because the axis range doesn't always fit the actual data range.

It doesn't seem anyone else has posted about this problem.

Am I wasting my time trying to adjust the x range in plots from the "effects" package? If so, is there a way to output the partial regression + confidence limit lines so that I can just plot them up myself not using effects?

Thanks for any pointers.

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