[R] Missval in netCDF and its handling by the ncdf package

Dusterhus, Andre andhus at noc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 16:26:17 CET 2014

Hi all,

I got currently some trouble with missvals in netCDF files:

I have a netCDF file, written with an unknown program, which shows via ncdump no fillval or missval for its variables. Within the variables obviously a missval of 9.96921e+36 is used.

When I read it into R via the ncdf package it shows me a missval of 1e+30, but the 9.96921e+36 are still in the dataset.

Since my application is an automised processing of such data I have the following questions:

Is R showing a missval, even when it is not existent in the file itself (I know that it uses the 1e+30 value as a default itself, when it writes files)?
Could it be the case that R (ncdf) varies here from the "netCDF standard", which assumes 9.96921e+36 instead of 1e+30 as the standard missval (at least a lot of software on the market does this)?
How is it possible via R (ncdf) to find out, whether the actual given missval is really given in the data?

Many thanks in advance,
André Düsterhus

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