[R] lattice question: removing strips

Martin Ivanov tramni at abv.bg
Mon Feb 10 11:48:56 CET 2014

 Dear lattice users,

I am trying to produce a lattice graph with two conditioning variables.
My problem is that I only want to show the strips for the levels of the second conditioning variable.
I want to remove the strips for the levels of the first conditioning variable.
I tried with the strip function, but if I tell it to return FALSE or NULL whenever which.given == 1, I just get empty space below the strips for the second conditioning variable. And I want to remove that space altogether. Is it somehow achievable in lattice?

I also tried setting layout.heights$strip to 0 when which.given == 1, but it seems to only work globally, so either
the strips for both conditioning variables vanish, or both are present.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Best regards,

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