[R] Problem with default location of workspace in RStudio

Partho Sarkar partho.ss at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 14:07:55 CET 2014

Hi all,

 I hope this question has not been repeated recently!  I am new to R-
I am using RStudio version 0.97.551 with R version 3.0.2 - and have a
problem with the default directory from which the workspace is loaded
at startup.  [I am not using projects]

I have a directory with my data files, and I have set this to be the
working directory by adding the line setwd("e:/myfiles") to the
Rprofile.site file in the R installation directory.  However, when I
start RStudio, it loads the workspace from the e:/Program
Files/RStudio/.RData , in the RStudio installation directory.  Yet the
working directory IS set to "e:/myfiles", and this also shows up on
the RStudio options General tab.  When I quit RStudio, it asks me
whether to save the workspace in the myfiles directory, and does so
correctly-but again loads the older workspace file from the other
location next time.

I have tried changing the options (Load workspace etc.), but haven't
been able to get the right workspace to load automatically.

Thanks & regards,

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