[R] do calculation within expression(), text in plot

Tonja Krueger tonja.krueger at web.de
Fri Feb 28 11:26:58 CET 2014

   Dear Helpers,
   I would like to add some text to my plot, containing a variable and the
   calculated value for the variable.
   As  I  would  like  to  produce  many  plots,  I hope this can be done
   Unfortunately I can't get R to do the calculation for cor(nou,dak) when I
   use expression()..

   text(0,2.2,expression(paste(r[Pearson],"=", cor(nou,dak) , sep= " ")),pos=4,

   Is there a command that "stops" expression() so the result is calculated and
   printed in the plot?
   Thank you in advance,

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