[R] reversing data axis in stripchart not working?

David Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Mon Feb 10 16:53:40 CET 2014

You are correct, but I do not know why stripplot works
differently from plot. I can give you two ways to get around the
problem though. The easiest is to use the plot command to
emulate stripchart:

plot(x, rep(1, length(x)), xlim=c(2, -2), yaxt="n", ylab="",

Or using stripchart:

stripchart(-x, xaxt="n", xlim=c(-2, 2))
vals <- seq(2, -2, by= -1)
axis(1, -vals, vals)

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I tried to reverse the data axis in stripchart
which should work according to docu with
xlim = c(Hi, Lo)
but it did not work.
Same effect in DotPlot from lessR.

Any there work arounds or hints?



x <- stats::rnorm(50)
# setting limits works
stripchart(x, xlim = c(-2, 2))
# reversing data axis does not work
stripchart(x, xlim = c(2,-2))

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