[R] scatterplot of two y's

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Wed Feb 19 20:38:22 CET 2014

The quickest way, using the example data, would be

  matplot( df$x, df[,-1])

Obviously doesn't have the nice ggplot style, but it does do what was
requested. And depending on the context and ultimate goal, may be

Simple improvements are easy:

  matplot( df$x, df[,-1],
     xlab='x', ylab='y1, y2',
     pch=c(1,4) , main='My Data' )


As a personal and editorial aside, I often think that amongst all of the
great extensions to R that have been developed over the years, the basics
get forgotten.

Don MacQueen

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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Livermore, CA 94550

On 2/17/14 2:41 PM, "Ramiro Barrantes" <ramiro at precisionbioassay.com>

>Sorry if this is repeated somewhere, I imagine it must be a common issue
>but I can't find an answer!
>I have a data.frame with two responses, example (response variables to x
>are y1 and y2):
>I would like to see it on the same plot with different colours.
>The only thing I can think of is:
>Is there a better way?
>Thanks in advance,
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