[R] A couple of issues with lattice::bwplot

Duncan Mackay dulcalma at bigpond.com
Wed Feb 26 00:47:46 CET 2014

Hi Ravi

'data.frame':   240 obs. of  4 variables:
 $ Tx.effect: num  -0.2321 -0.1097 0.0409 0.0546 0.1069 ...
 $ method   : chr  "Bayes-DS" "Bayes-DS" "Bayes-DS" "Bayes-DS" ...
 $ name     : chr  "X0=0, scenario1" "X0=1, scenario1" "X1=0, scenario1"
"X1=1, scenario1" ...
 $ type     : chr  "Point" "LCL" "UCL" "Point" ...

is a character variable so control the order make it a factor with the
levels in the order that you want

If you have the argument as.table = TRUE this will get you part/all the way

I find it easier to put the trellis settings in as par.settings  (as I
frequently have different requirements for the one graphic device when
multiple plotting) eg

bwplot(method ~ Tx.effect|name, data=estimates,
       par.settings = list(box.rectangle = list(lty=1, lwd=2),
                           box.umbrella = list(lty=1, lwd=2),
                           strip.background = list(col = "transparent")  #
added: easier to see if publishing/printing in B&W
       #strip    = strip.custom(factor.levels = unique(estimates$name), #or
       #                        par.strip.text = list(cex = 0.85) ),
       as.table = TRUE,

and for the strip names you can have a variable and then put what you want



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Hi All,

I am using lattice::bwplot to plot the results of a subgroup analysis for
different simulation scenarios.  I have 4 subgroups, 5 methods of estimating
treatment effect in subgroups, and 4 scenarios.  I am plotting the subgroup
effect and its upper and lower CI.

I have 2 issues that I am unable to resolve:

1.       How can I control the order in which the panels are plotted?  For
example, I would like to bottom and top rows to be switched, and for 2nd and
3rd rows to be switched.

2.       How can I plot a point within each panel at a fixed coordinate?

My code is as follows:

trellis.par.set("box.rectangle", list(lty=1, lwd=2))
trellis.par.set("box.umbrella", list(lty=1, lwd=2))

n.param <- 16
est.method <- c("Bayes-DS", "EB", "MLE-DS", "Naive", "Stand")
est.type <- c("Point", "LCL", "UCL")
est.names <- c("Int.", paste0("X", 2:n.param))
est.names <- c(outer(c("X0=0", "X0=1","X1=0", "X1=1"), paste0(", scenario",
1:4), function(x,y) paste0(x, y)))

n.methods <- length(est.method)
n.types <- length(est.type)

estimates <- data.frame(Tx.effect=sort(rnorm(n.param*n.methods*n.types,
mean=0.5, sd=0.2)),
                        method=rep(est.method, each=n.param*n.types),
                        name=rep(est.names, times=n.types*n.methods),
                        type=rep(est.type, times=n.param*n.methods))

truth <- runif(16)  # I would like to plot these points, one per each panel

bwplot(method ~ Tx.effect|name, data=estimates, box.width=0, coef=0, pch=22)

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you,

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