[R] unable to carry through object in a nested function

Chen, George George.Chen at roswellpark.org
Thu Jan 23 04:36:24 CET 2014

Hi There,
I am having trouble carrying through an object listed in the outer function into the inner function of a nested pair.
This is my code:

FindGreaterThanProportion<- function (y, SSThreshold) {
    return (PropCells)

GetPropPlot<- function (PrePropData, direction, SSThreshold, cell, stim) {
    # Split up the dataframe with ddply and apply the function
    print (SSThreshold)

    if (direction==">") {
        PropData<-ddply(PrePropData,.(SUBJECT, STIM, CELL, SIGNAL, DAY), summarise,
            PROP=FindGreaterThanProportion(SIMSCORE, SSThreshold))

    PlotSubset <- subset(PropData, PropData$STIM==stim & PropData$CELL == cell)
    PropPlot<-ggplot(data=PlotSubset, aes(x=DAY, y=PROP)) +
        geom_line() +
        geom_point() +

When I run the code, I get this error:
[1] ">"
[1] 2
Error in subset.default(y, y > SSThreshold) :
  object 'SSThreshold' not found

It seems as if SSThreshold is not being passed into FindGreaterThanProportion.

Any help would be appreciated to determine what I am doing incorrectly.
Thanks in advance.

George Chen

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