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> Hi all,
> I am having some trouble running GLMM's and using model averaging with
> QAICc.
> Let me know if you need more detail here:
> I am trying to run GLMM's on count data in the package glmmADMB with a
> negative binomial distribution due to overdispersion. The dispersion
> parameter has now reduced to 2.679 for the global model (from a dispersion
> parameter of 27.507 with a poisson distribution), and I am not sure if this
> is still considered too high for running the models?
> I would like to try to use QAICc's for model selection and model averaging
> with the package MuMIn. I have so far been able to produce a QAICc output
> only for the models. I read that model averaging with QAICc can be done in
> MuMIn but cannot find the syntax to get these outputs, including the model
> weightings, parameter estimates, confidence intervals, and relative
> variable importance.

Use argument 'rank' to provide the information criterion to use:
- with 'dredge': rank = "QAICc", chat = <c-hat>
- with 'model.sel' and 'model.avg' : rank = "QAICc", rank.args =
list(chat = <c-hat>)

See example(QAICc) and example(model.avg)


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