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Duncan Mackay dulcalma at bigpond.com
Wed Jul 2 02:46:57 CEST 2014

Hi Michael
Dates and times are always a problem as they are irregular not 1,2,3 ...,
If you want more fancy formatting of the x axis try this

First convert your time to a datetime class
# Use a dummy date for datetime as it is easier  
mmdat$time <- seq(strptime("20140702 14", "%Y%m%d %H"), by = "hours",
length= 24)
 # only gives numerical sequence on xlab


# by starting at 15:00 hours get sequence and use formatting of dates 
xyplot(wind_speed ~time, data = mmdat,
        type = "b",
        scales = list(x = list(at = seq(mmdat[2,1], by = "3 hours", length =
                               labels = format(seq(mmdat[2,1], by = "3
hours", length = 8),"%H:%M")))


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I am new to R and am trying to create a graph with Time(24hr) along the x
axis. Rather than start at 01.00, I wanted to start at 14.00.

I tried to use the axis(side=1, at=c(  )) function but it continues to put
then in numeric order. Is there another way I can add labels to the x axis?

Thank You.

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