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Dear Katie,

the code looks all right. On a standard example, everything works fine, e.g.:

# example(plm)
# coefs<-names(coef(zz))
# lht(zz, coefs)
# lht(zz, coefs, vcov=vcovHC) # "arellano" is the default HC method anyway

As the error message says, your case is somehow ill-conditioned and the vcov matrix turns out numerically singular. In this sense, it may be "the model's fault".

I've never seen this happen before and cannot say anything more useful, at least not w/o a reproducible example.


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Dear Community,

unfortunately I can?t give you an reproducable example, because I really do
not understand why this messages pops up.

I estimate an Fixed Effects Modell, controlling for HAC, because F-statistic
changes, I want to compute it, for the other model-specifications it works,

But for this special one I get the following error:

> fixed.interest3<-plm(CSmean~ numfull_FCRlong_adj+exp(numfull_FCRlong_adj),

+                      data=data.plm,index = c("countrynr","quartal"),

> ###F-Test

> coefs <- names(coef(fixed.interest3))

> linearHypothesis(fixed.interest3,coefs,test="F", vcov=function(x)
vcovHC(x, method = "arellano"))

Fehler in solve.default(L %*% V %*% t(L)) :

  System ist f?r den Rechner singul?r: reziproke Konditionszahl =
1.37842e-19  ?system is computationally singular reciprocal condition

> drop(coefs)

[1] "numfull_FCRlong_adj"         "exp(numfull_FCRlong_adj)"


Is something wrong in the code. Or is it because of the model?

Thanks in advance and a really nice day


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