[R] Fwd: Plot the means with simultaneous horizontal and vertical error bars

Ahmed Attia ahmedatia80 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 00:06:38 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I have been also trying the plotCI but it did not work out

plotCI(x, y = NULL, uiw, liw = uiw, ui, li, err='y', ylim=NULL,
       xlim=NULL, type="p",  col=par("col"), barcol=col,
       pt.bg = par("bg"),  sfrac = 0.01, gap=1, lwd=par("lwd"),
       lty=par("lty"), labels=FALSE, add=FALSE, xlab, ylab,  minbar,
       maxbar, ... )

I searched and looked at the previous plotCI posts below;


Dear R users,

I would appreciate your help in plotting the means with simultaneous
horizontal and vertical error bars. I use the lineplot.CI but it creates
the vertical bars only.

The attached file has the dataset that I want to graph. The (X) is the
x-axis values and (y Lint) is the response in y-axis. Therefore, values in
the x-axis would be 150, 350, 550, .....etc.

At each value of the x-axis would be the average response point (y Lint)
with vertical and horizontal error bars.

Each value of the x-axis (X) represents a range of values that in x Water.
The x Water column should be used to draw the horizontal lines.

Thank you so much.


Ahmed M. Attia

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