[R] lattice, latticeExtra: Adding moving averages to double y plot

Duncan Mackay dulcalma at bigpond.com
Mon Jul 28 17:18:59 CEST 2014

Hi Anna

Not sure what you want exactly as I do not use themes.

Here is one way  to get your averages and points 

# combine averages into mydata
 mydata$mavg <-
 c(rep(NA,4), madfStuff1[,3],
   rep(NA,4), subset(madfStuff2_3, Type== "stuff2",3, drop = T),
   rep(NA,4), subset(madfStuff2_3, Type== "stuff3",3, drop = T))
 xyplot(Value ~ Year, mydata, groups = Type,
        allow.multiple = T,
        distribute.type = TRUE,
        col = c("red","blue","cyan"),
         subscripts = TRUE,
        panel = panel.superpose,
        panel.groups = function(x, y, subscripts, ...,group.number) {
                  panel.xyplot(x, y, ...)
                   panel.xyplot(x, mydata[subscripts,"mavg"], col =
c("red","blue","cyan")[group.number], type = "l")

And now some sleep


BTW package names are case sensitive like R

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Hi lattice users,

I would like to add 5-year moving averages to my double y-plot. I have three
factors needs to be plotted with moving averages in the same plot. One of
these reads off y-axis 1 and two from y-axis 2. I have tried to use the
rollmean function from the zoo-packages, but I fail in insering this into
lattice (I am not an experienced lattice user). I want to keep the data
points in the plot.
Find below dummy data and the script as well as annotations further
describing my question.

thank you in advance!
Anna Zakrisson

mydata<- data.frame(
  Year = 1980:2009,
  Type = factor(rep(c("stuff1", "stuff2", "stuff3"), each = 10*3)),
  Value = rnorm(90, mean = seq(90),
                sd = rep(c(6, 7, 3), each = 10)))


stuff1data <- mydata[(mydata$Type) %in% c("stuff1"), ]
stuff12_3data <- mydata[(mydata$Type) %in% c("stuff2", "stuff3"), ]

# make moving averages function using zoo and rollmean:

f <- function(d)
  data.frame(Year = d$Year[5:length(d$Year)],
             mavg = rollmean(d$Value, 5))

# Apply the function to each group as well as both data frames:
madfStuff1 <- ddply(stuff1data, "Type", f)
madfStuff2_3 <- ddply(stuff12_3data, "Type", f)

# Some styles:
myStripStyle <- function(which.panel, factor.levels, ...) {
  panel.rect(0, 0, 1, 1,
             col = bgColors[which.panel],
             border = 1)
  panel.text(x = 0.5, y = 0.5,
             lab = factor.levels[which.panel],
             col = txtColors[which.panel])

myplot1 <- xyplot(Value ~ Year, data = stuff1data, col="black",
                   lty=1, pch=1,
                   ylab = "sweets", strip.left = F,
                   xlab = ("Year"),
                  panel = function(x,y,...,subscripts){
                    panel.xyplot(x, y, pch = 1,col = "black")
                    panel.lmline(x,y,col = "black", data=madfStuff1) # here
I presume that panel.lmline is wrong.
                    # I would like to have my 5 year moving average here,
not a straight line.

myplot2 <- xyplot(Value ~ Year, data = stuff12_3data, col="black",
                  lty=1, pch=1,
                  ylab = "hours", strip.left = F,
                  xlab = ("Year"),
                  panel = function(x,y,...,subscripts){
                    panel.xyplot(x, y, pch = c(2:3),col = "black") ## what
is this "pch" defining? Types?
                    #I would like to have different symbols and line types
for stuff2 and stuff3
                    panel.lmline(x,y,col = "black", data=madfStuff2_3) #
wrong! Need my moving averages here!

doubleYScale(myplot1, myplot2, style1 = 0, style2=0, add.ylab2 = TRUE,
             text = c("stuff1", "stuff2", "stuff3"), columns = 2,

# problem here is that I end up with two lines. I need a double y-plot with
one moving average plots that are read off y-axis 1
# and two that reads off y-axis 2. I need to keep the data points in the

       par.settings = simpleTheme(col = c("black", "black"), lty=c(1:3),
pch=c(1:3))) # how come that I only get
# lines in my legend text and not the symbols too. I thought "pch" would add

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