[R] Is dataset "headsize" from MVA or HSAUR2 packages missing or am I missing something ?

ottorino ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Tue Jul 29 11:44:01 CEST 2014

I answer to myself, just in case someone in the future will need this.

The data set for headsize is named "frets", from the name of the author
who collected data in 1921, and it is available once the the library
"boot" is loaded.

Il giorno lun, 28/07/2014 alle 15.46 +0200, ottorino ha scritto:
> Dear R-helpers,
> I've started the study of 
> An introductionto applied multivariate analysis with R (Everitt and
> Hothorn)
> After loading the library, which depends on HSAUR2, it seems that the
> dataset "headsize" is not available (as well as "measure" and "exam")
> Datasets from the same book are nevertheless available, such as
> "heptathlon", "pottery", "USairpollution"
> Am I missing something obvious here ?
> Thanks in advance

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