[R] tcltk TK table : Is it possible to block the cell? [Question in 2003, but TK changes the interfaces functions]

Cleber N.Borges klebyn at yahoo.com.br
Sat Dec 5 20:15:54 CET 2015

in 2003 [1] someone asked for:
"Is it possible to" block "the cell?"
but the solution involves the "tkcmd" that no longer exists ...

tkcmd (.Tk.ID (table1), "tag", "celltag" "ZeroOne", "0.1")

I tried to adapt to:

tktag.add (table1, "celltag" "ZeroOne", "0.1")

but I get error. How to adapt it?

Where it could have informations about the tcltk package as it does not 
have the detailed help?

thanks in advanced for help

[1] - http://grokbase.com/p/r/r-help/037xs650d8/r-tktable-disable-cell

 > tclRequire("Tktable")
<Tcl> 2.9
 > tt <- tktoplevel()
 > table1 <- tkwidget(tt,"table",bg="white")
 > tkpack(table1)
 > tkcmd(.Tk.ID(table1),"tag","celltag","ZeroOne","0,1")
Error: could not find function "tkcmd"
 > tktag.add( table1,"tag","celltag","ZeroOne","0,1")
Error in structure(.External(.C_dotTclObjv, objv), class = "tclObj") :
   [tcl] bad tag option "add": must be celltag, cget, coltag, configure, 
delete, exists, includes, lower, names, raise, or rowtag.
 > tkcmd(.Tk.ID(table1),"tag","celltag","ZeroTwo","0,2")
Error: could not find function "tkcmd"
Error: could not find function "tkcmd"
Error: could not find function "tkcmd"
 > .Tcl("set tclarray(0,0) Normal")
<Tcl> Normal
 > .Tcl("set tclarray(0,1) Disabled")
<Tcl> Disabled
 > .Tcl("set tclarray(0,2) Normal")
<Tcl> Normal
 > tkconfigure(table1,variable="tclarray")

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