[R] help using SED

Glenn Schultz glennmschultz at me.com
Sun Dec 6 01:49:40 CET 2015


I have not used SED in the past so I am continuing to read its documentation but I need some help with R

Here is my SED command which works:
  system("sed -i ''  '/^[\r#]/d; /AGENCY/d' /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.2/Resources/library/BondLab/Temp_CashFlow/blx_test.cfm")

Here are my R commands which do not work.  
ReadCF <- paste("system(sed -i '' '/^[\r#]/d; /AGENCY/d' ", 
system.file(package = "BondLab"),"/Temp_CashFlow/", 
CashFlowData, ".cfm)", sep ="")

eval(parse(text = ReadCF))
I have managed to determine that the problem is the missing quotes but I do not know how to get those included in the below R command.

Any help is appreciated


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