[R] Simple DLNM in R

John Kane jrkrideau at inbox.com
Mon Dec 7 21:05:22 CET 2015

Oops, perhaps I should have said “a representative sample of the data” but it looks like it has arrived safely. Let me tell you about head() someday. 

I am not sure of the data.frame names since the original code has some sub-setting at the beginning. At the moment I am calling the first data set “mortdata” and the second one “tempdata” but is this correct? Your wording seems a bit ambiguous.

It seems to run so I guess I have the data sets named correctly. 

Now we just hope someone with domain knowledge show up to discuss the actual problem. 

I killed the rest of the post as it was a bit too big to keep sending back and forth.

John Kane

Kingston ON

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